Work Request

Work Requests

Whether you need slipping and antifouling, general repairs or a casual berthing or mooring, you will need to complete the relevant Work Approval form.

Casual Berth & Mooring Application

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Cheques and Cash are not accepted.

Slipway & Antifoul Work Request

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Cheques and Cash are not accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a form?

The forms are available electronically and can be completed online easily by clicking on one of the links above. Our office can provide you with a printed form ready for completion, if you are unable to complete the form electronically. Printed forms need to be returned to our marina office completed.

Why do I need to complete a form?

Completing the form helps to ensure that the specified work will be performed on your vessel and provides clarity about what work is being authorised by you.

For casual berthing or moorings, completion means you can be confident your casual berth or mooring is waiting for you. Your written consent also helps our staff and management who may need to move a vessel, or perform other actions, such as securing vessels.

What information will I be asked?

When completing the form you’ll be asked yours and your vessel’s details, dates work or berthing / mooring are required and your credit card details.

Your contact details are important, just in case we need to clarify work details or contact you for any other reason.

What happens once I complete a form?

Once we have received your completed Work Approval form, we will confirm your booking with you. If anything in your completed form is unclear, we will contact you to further clarify your requirements.

Once work commences, we will ensure we contact you in relation to any changes and if needed, ask for confirmation in writing from you.

All contractors must be pre-approved prior to working at Gladesville Bridge Marina. Contractors must complete our Contractor Work Request form prior to attending Gladesville Bridge Marina. Contractors working on the marina must carry the Marine Card and uploaded all necessary documentation to http://www.marinecard.org.au