Facilities Improvement

Facilities Improvement

at Gladesville Bridge Marina

Alterations and additions to the existing Gladesville Bridge Marina, located at 380 Victoria Place, Drummoyne

Gladesville Bridge Marina (GBM) is proposing alterations and additions to the marina.  The proposal is to expand the existing structure to meet demand for differing boat sizes, and to provide a modern marina with a 21st century land water interface, to reflect the trends in boating and the community.

The proposed development constitutes alterations and additions to the marina berth layout, to provide overall storage for 130 vessels comprising 15 swing moorings and 115 floating berths.  The works include:

  • Removal of 29 existing moorings and retention of 15 existing swing moorings
  • Construction of 65 new floating berth spaces of varying sizes, that increases the number of floating berths from 50 to 115
  • Cessation of slipway activities
  • Demolition of the slipway rails and demolition of the internal office mezzanine structure within the covered slipway area
  • Provision of 8 new valet car parking spaces within the existing slipway area.

The above changes will result in 31 additional boat storage spaces and as noted in the bullet points above, will increase the berth spaces from 50 to 115.

Photomontage – indicative representation of the marina structure from Victoria Place

Latest News

Development Application, Environmental Impact Statement and associated reports

The Development Application (DA) has been lodged with the City of Canada Bay Council (Council). The DA relates to the proposed alterations and additions to the existing GBM located at 380 Victoria Place, Drummoyne on the southern foreshore of the Parramatta River. The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), dated 19 December 2019 notes that the development is considered ‘designated development’ under Clause 23 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 (EP&A Regulation) and is considered Regionally Significant  under the under Part 4 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act). On that basis, the DA will be determined by the Sydney Eastern City Planning Panel.

What is an EIS?

An EIS provides a comprehensive description of the project's environmental, social and economic impacts. It includes detailed information on the project scope and design plans. Once the EIS is submitted to Council, it will be placed on public exhibition and the community will have the opportunity to comment on the project proposal. Community feedback will be used by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) to decide whether the project should be approved or rejected.

Public exhibition

GBM acknowledges that public exhibition during the New Year and school holiday period may be challenging for the community, where they may be away, or unavailable to review development applications and related environmental impact assessment documents, or to prepare and lodge submissions during this time.

The documents and DA have been submitted to the City of Canada Bay Council, and Council has placed them on public exhibition.

When we lodged the DA on 19 December 2019, we discussed Council extending the public exhibition period. We support any extended public exhibition period, so that all stakeholders will have extra time to review the EIS and associated reports, and prepare and lodge their submissions.

General information about development applications with the City of Canada Bay Council can be accessed at https://www.canadabay.nsw.gov.au/eservices/application-search.  The tracking details for the GBM DA (2019/0380) can be accessed here.

Information desk

GBM is also providing access to a hard copy of the EIS and associated reports at the marina at selected times during the public exhibition period for viewing to support the local community who may not be able to get to the other locations of the EIS and reports, or who do not have access to an electronic version.

On some of these occasions,  there will be a consultant available at the information desk to answer general, non-technical questions.

Resourced information desk times:

Friday 31 January – 4.00pm to 6.00pm

Friday 7 February – 4.00pm to 6.00pm (Cancelled

Friday 14 February – 4.00pm to 6.00pm

Friday 21 February - 4.00pm to 6.00pm

If agreed by Council, we will also provide information on where submissions can be lodged for the local community.

Hard copy of the EIS documents available to view at these times:

Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 January – 2.00pm to 3.30pm

Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 January – 2.00pm to 3.30pm

Wednesday 29 January – 2.00pm to 3.30pm

Wednesday 5 February – 2.00pm to 3.30pm

Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 February – 2.00pm to 3.30pm

Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 February – 2.00pm to 3.30pm

Wednesday 26 February – 2.00pm to 3.30pm


All links can be accessed here.

City of Canada Bay Council – general information about development applications

City of Canada Bay Council – Gladesville Bridge Marina DA 2019/0380, including EIS and associated reports

380 Victoria Place, Drummoyne - Appendix C - Marina Drawings (A4)

380 Victoria Place, Drummoyne - Appendix C - Marina Drawings (A3)

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Information about the EIS structure and content

The EIS has been prepared by Ethos Urban Pty Ltd. The EIS is structured in sections as follows and should be read in conjunction with the supporting information and plans appended to and accompanying the EIS:

  • Section 1 – Introduction: provides an overview of the proposed development including background, objectives and analysis of alternatives; details the SEARs and statutory requirements and identifies the project team.
  • Section 2 – Site analysis: provides a description of the local context, the site and surrounding development.
  • Section 3 – Description of the development: provides a description of the proposal.
  • Section 4 – Consultation: Outlines the consultation undertaken prior to and during the preparation of this EIS.
  • Section 5 – Statutory and strategic context: provides a detailed review of the proposal against the relevant planning policies and controls.
  • Section 6 – Environmental assessment: provides an in-depth assessment of the existing environment, potential impacts and the mitigation measures for each environmental consideration.
  • Section 7 – Mitigation measures: provides a list of recommendations and mitigation measures based on the technical studies undertaken.
  • Section 8 – Justification for the proposal: outlines the justification behind the proposal based on the assessment within this EIS.
  • Section 9 – Conclusion.

Specialist reports included in the EIS

The appendices to the EIS include copies of all the specialist reports as well as the Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements (1268) (SEARs). The appendices are structured as follows:

A Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements (1268), Department of Planning and Environment

B Architectural Drawings, GHD

C Marina Drawings, GHD

D Marina Demand Study, Australian Marina Management Pty Ltd

E Marina Strategic Review, NineSquared 

F Marine Safety and Navigation Report, Navcon 

G Contamination Investigation, Zoic 

H Supplementary Report on Contamination Investigation, Marine Pollution Research

I Geotechnical Report, GHD 

J Marine Ecology Study, Marine Pollution Research 

K Wave Climate Report, Metocean 

L Foreshore Geomorphology Report, RHDVH 

M Stormwater Management Plan, RHDHV

N Sediment Management Plan, RHDHV

O Water Management Report, GHD 

P Noise and Vibration Assessment, Pulse Acoustic 

Air Quality Assessment Report, GHD

R Greenhouse Gas Assessment Report, GHD

S Construction Management Plan, SMC

T Hazardous and Offensive Development Study, GHD 

U Traffic and Transport Study,  CBRK

V Waste Management Plan, SLR

W Visual Impact Assessment, ARPL

X Lighting Assessment Report, SLR

Y Heritage Impact Assessment, NBRS Architecture

Z Social Impact Assessment, GHD

AA Community Consultation Report,  GHD

Our engagement with the community

GBM’s intent for this marina upgrade has been to consult with the community early, to provide transparency about the project, to provide information and seek community feedback. GBM has implemented a comprehensive consultation program with the local community. It acknowledges that some residents still remain concerned, and GBM remains committed to ensuring that any impacts from this project remain low.

Appendix AA of the EIS is the Community Consultation Report. The report provides detailed account of the non-statutory consultation with stakeholders, issued raised, and where the concept design has been adapted in response to those issues.

How to contact us

You can contact us at communityinput@gbmarina.com.au or by phoning 1800 810 680 (free call), or by using the following feedback form.


GBM – Gladesville Bridge Marina
EIS – Environmental Impact Statement
SEARs – Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements
PTL – Permission to Lodge development application
DA – Development application